Are we one of the Best Label Printers in Kenya?

To be in the market for over 15 years delivering top quality consistently and in a timely manner is not a walk in the park. We pride ourselves as having an objective of putting our customers first which we have been very good at and will always be. We believe that, if our customers succeed, then only we can succeed.

Modal International has a vast range of operations including paper bag printing/manufacturing, large format and digital printing, lithography offset printing, label printing/production, various fabrication, signage production and many more to meet your business requirements.

Our team will listen to your brand expectations, work out a proposal internally and advise back on the best way to make your labels stand out including secure features that makes it hard to counterfeit your products.

We have very experienced and dedicated team who have always gone extra miles making sure our customer’s project/s are delivered to above and beyond expectations. This in return has seen us expand our reach and portfolio to include a range of in-house operations aimed at catering a wide range of requirements in an environment where our customers need the best to remain competitive. We currently have offices in UAE, India, Kenya, Singapore, China and soon to expand into other East African countries and Africa. With all this experience we will always meet your requirements.

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