Modal International Limited

Your Partner in Labels and Packaging production

We take pride in producing and delivering top quality printed and plain Labels of all sizes and substrates/materials to meet your requirements. Our manufacturing facility has a capacity and diversity of products to accommodate any printing needs. Modal International with its operations in more than 5 countries covering Middle East, Africa and Asia, with operations ranging from digital or large format print / production, lithography offset printing, signage manufacturing, bags production and all types of badges, we accommodate all your business’ print requirements under one roof.

The technical capacity and experience of the team has allowed us to cater for our clients’ needs in terms of competitive costs, high quality products, secure and anti-counterfeit labels / products covering Kenya and all of Africa.

Our team of dedicated experts will walk you through all options based on your dream.

Deep Freeze/ Freeze Resistant Labels

Deep Freeze Labels

These labels are produced specially to withstand lowest temperatures possible. They are suitable for products to be kept in the fridge/freezer without label degradation in material, print…..

Resistant Labels

Heat Resistant Label

These type of labels can withstand heat,
tampering and we can e en add serial numbers,
logos and your brand to it.


We specialise in production/fabrication of badges from various materials including engraved and printed metals, acrylics…

Our labels are produced and finished in either rolls or cut sheets. Finishing is meticulously and carefully die cut to precise shape and size in whichever shape or size.


Whether rectangular, circular or custom-shaped labels, whether on coated/uncoated paper, Self Adhesive materials of all types of face materials, plastic films; we only deliver the highest, industry-ready quality printed products regularly within agreed time frames

Some of Our Clients

Group Affiliates



Ladies, Gents and Kids modern designs

Gifts and Giveaways

For Both Corporate and personal Gifts

Bags( Shopping gifting ....)

We manufacture environmental friendly bags for daily use in supermarkets, kiosks, bakeries..

Digital Media

We provide fast and efficient digital printing services in Kenya covering mainly direct mailers, invitations, menus etc